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Stores & Websites Where you can Buy Kombucha in Bulk

bulk kombucha

I love drinking kombucha, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive so that I could drink it more often! Which led me to wonder, where can I buy kombucha in bulk so that it isn't so expensive? has the best selection of bulk kombucha and will ship it conveniently right to your doorstep, however Costco or Sam’s Club also sell kombucha in bulk and have some great deals on brands that when sold individually would cost much more.

In this article I’ll quickly cover the reasons why you should always be buying your kombucha in bulk, and then I’ll walk you through my 3 favorite places to do so and give you a detailed list of what kombucha brands they sell, in what quantities, flavors, and for how much. Let’s get started!

Why Buy Kombucha in Bulk

Buying a single bottle of kombucha at a time from your local grocery store can be easy and convenient, but with most bottles costing around $4, if you’re drinking kombucha often it can get expensive.

My favorite way to get around the high price of kombucha is to just brew it myself at home. Home brewing can reduce the cost of drinking a bottle of kombucha from $4 to as little $1. Plus its a super fun hobby. If you want to check it out you can learn how to make your own kombucha at home in my guide here.

However if you don’t want to make kombucha yourself, the next best way to drink a lot of kombucha without going broke is to buy it in bulk. Buying kombucha in bulk just means buying it in cases or boxes that hold 4-12 bottles and therefore cost a lot less than buying those bottles individually.

There are two main advantages to buying kombucha in bulk:

  1. It's Cheaper

  2. It's Easier

When kombucha is sold in bulk, the price you pay per bottle is reduced dramatically. For example, while a bottle of GT Dave's Gingerade kombucha may cost $3.95, a 6 pack of the same drink will cost $15, which ends up being only $2.50 per bottle.

So if you’ve found a flavor you like and were planning on drinking 6 bottles anyway, buying in bulk could save you a lot of money.

Buying kombucha in bulk can also be a lot more convenient than purchasing individual bottles since a store may not have enough of the flavor that you want if they only sell individual bottles.

A disadvantage of buying kombucha in bulk is that sometimes you may not be able to find the specific flavor you want sold in bulk. And although there are variety packs available, buying individual bottles allows you to get the exact variety of flavors you want, even if you’re paying extra for it.

Where to Buy Kombucha in Bulk


The best place to buy your kombucha in bulk is online from Getting kombucha on Amazon is great because they have a ginormous selection, and you never have to leave your house to get it since they’ll ship it right to your doorstep.

Plus Amazon’s selection is available to everyone, unlike a store like Costco or Sam’s Club where you need a membership.

Let’s walk through each brand of kombucha available to buy in bulk on Amazon and the flavors available.

You can click or tap on any flavor or variety pack and the link will take right to the listing on where you can learn more about it and purchase it if you want.


Health-Ade Kombucha was started in 2012 by a husband, wife, and best friend and is known for its small batch brewing process and wide availability. If you’re looking to buy kombucha in bulk on Amazon and want a big selection of flavors, Health-Ade is your best option by far.

If you’d like a 12 pack of a single flavor of Health-Kombucha, you can get one for $44.00 in the following flavors:

Health-Ade also has variety packs on Amazon including:

  • The Paradise Variety 12 Pack includes 4 Watermelon, 4 Tropical Punch, and 4 Passion Fruit-Tangerine for $44.00

  • The Ginger Lovers Immunity 12 Pack includes 4 Ginger Lemon, 4 Cayenne Cleanse, 4 Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger for $44.00

  • The Fan Favorite Variety 12 Pack has 4 Bubbly Rose, 4 Pink Lady Apple, 4 Pomegranate for $44.00

  • The Booch Pop Classic Variety Pack includes 4 Lemon Lime, 4 Ginger Fizz, and 4 Pom-Berry for $24.00

  • The Booch Pop Fruit Lovers Variety Pack includes 4 Apple, 4 Grape, and 4 Pom-Berry for $24.00


Humm Kombucha is another staple in the kombucha industry and is known for keeping their booch low in sugar and alcohol and having lots of unique flavor choices.

You can get a 12 or 24 pack of any of the following Humm flavors for $36.00 and $66.00 on Amazon:

You can also get 4 and 16 packs of Humm Zero, which is like regular Humm but with zero sugar, for $14.00 and $48.00 in each of the following flavors;

Remedy Raw

Remedy Raw is a lesser known brand of booch that you probably won’t be able to find at your local grocery store. What I love most about Remedy Raw’s bulk kombucha on Amazon is how affordable it is.

12 or 24 Pack of Remedy Raw for $22.00 and $39.00 in the following flavors:

You can also get a 12 pack of 6 Raspberry Lemonade 6 Ginger Lemon for $22.00

Or a variety pack 6 Raspberry Lemonade, 6 Ginger Lemon, 6 Cherry Plum, 6 Peach for $40.00


My 2nd favorite place to buy kombucha in bulk is at Costco. They have great prices and usually a pretty good selection of bulk kombucha, however you do need a membership to shop there and different stores will have different kombucha options available.

So depending on what Costco you shop at, there may or may not be these types of kombucha below. But in general, these are the bulk kombuchas that you will most often find at Costco:

Most Costcos sell Mini Suja Kombucha Bottles in a 12 pack for $12. These are 8.5oz bottles and the variety pack usually includes the flavors 4 Mixed Berries, 4 Ginger Lemon, and 4 Green Apple.

Costco also has their own brand of kombucha: Kirkland Ginger Lemonade. Pretty much anything Kirkland makes is great and this kombucha is no exception. It’s surprisingly one of the best kombuchas I’ve ever had. The unfortunate thing is that as far as I know Ginger Lemonade is the only flavor they have available at the moment. You can get an 8 pack for $13.99.

I actually wrote an entire review of Kirkland Kombucha that you can read here if you'd like to learn more.

Many Costcos also sell bottles of GT Dave's Gingerade Synergy Kombucha in a 6 packs for $15.

You may even be able to find Kevita’s Pineapple Peach flavor in a 6 pack for only $11.99

Sam's Club

Sam’s Club, the close brother of Costco, offers a pretty similar bulk kombucha selection.

You’ll probably see GT’s Synergy Gingerade and Trilogy flavors in 6 packs for $15

And they also offer a Suja Kombucha Variety Pack of Ginger Lemon, Mixed Berries, and Peach Ginger in a 6 pack

Final Thoughts

Amazon easily has the best selection of bulk kombucha and is convenient to use because they’ll ship it right to your doorstep, however Costco and Sam’s Club also do sell bulk kombucha, and have some great values on brands that normally cost much more.

I hope this article was helpful! If you’d like to learn more about kombucha, where to buy it, and even how to make it yourself, be sure to check out the rest of my website!

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