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Probiotic Tea - What it is and the Top 5 Best Brands

Probiotic foods and drinks are becoming more and more popular in western culture, even though they have been a common part of the eastern diet for centuries.

Before hot probiotic tea, the words “probiotic tea” almost always referred to kombucha, a popular type of fermented tea that is carbonated and flavored. But due to recent nutritional and technological advances, kombucha lovers can now get their probiotics through a new type of probiotic tea.

Normally, extreme heat kills bacteria, but probiotic tea is tea that is able to be steeped and keep its beneficial bacteria culture alive because of the special strain of bacteria it uses known as BC30, which is able to withstand extreme heat and pH changes. Research has found that BC30 helps support digestive health, immune health, and may even support protein utilization.

When I first heard about this new kind of probiotic tea, I had tons of questions. Does it even work? What does it taste like? Is this special probiotic safe? So I did tons of research to answer these questions and compiled what I learned into this article for you Let's start with the basics.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are living bacteria that keep your gut and digestive system healthy. Usually, when we think of bacteria, we only think of the bad ones. The truth is, there are tons of bacteria in our bodies that we need to survive. In fact, right now there are over 100 trillion bacteria in your gut alone!

When you drink probiotics, you're making sure your gut is supplied with enough of the good bacteria that help your body function properly. Some of the benefits of consuming probiotics are:

  • Improved digestive function

  • Lower risk of diarrhea 

  • Improved mental health

  • Boosted energy levels

What is Probiotic Tea?

In the past when people said "probiotic tea", they were almost always referring to kombucha, a fermented tea that is carbonated and flavored and sold in most grocery stores. But, there's a new player in the probiotic tea game, and it could give kombucha a run for its money.

This new kind of probiotic tea is just classic tea bags that are filled with probiotics. Although it sounds like a super simple concept, this was actually a really difficult product to develop because most bacteria die when exposed to too hot or too cold of temperatures.

So when boiled (tea is boiled when you steep it) most bacteria will die, meaning no beneficial probiotics. This is why there has never been a hot probiotic food or beverage, until now.

The company Bigelow Tea has found a type of bacteria called bacillus coagulans (BC30) that is able to withstand extreme heat and pH changes. And, this probiotic has a lot of the same benefits as those in kombucha. Research has found that BC30 helps support digestive health, immune health, and protein utilization.

Why You Should Drink Probiotic Tea

If you’re a die hard kombucha drinker, and/or make your own brews at home, you may be wondering, "Why should I drink probiotic tea? Can’t I just get my probiotics from kombucha?"

While you definitely can get your probiotics from kombucha, this new tea adds a ton of convenience. Because it doesn't have to be refrigerated or kept at a certain temperature, BC30 tea is super easy to store and bring places.

For example if you’re going on vacation but still want your daily dose of probiotics, probiotic tea could be a great alternative to bringing heavy glass bottles of kombucha. Not to mention that the tea bags are way cheaper than kombucha, so they could save you a lot of money if you're drinking kombucha regularly.

In addition there are a lot of people that can’t drink kombucha (pregnant women, small children), and even some people that don’t like the taste! (I know that’s hard to believe) BC30 tea bags are a great option for these people because they allow them to get their probiotics, without having to drink something they don’t like or can’t stomach. 

The Top 5 Probiotic Teas

Hopefully you’re as excited about probiotic tea as I am. If you are interested in giving it a try, I’ve created a short list of the top 5 on the market right now. 

1. Bigelow 

Bigelow is the inventor and pioneer of BC30 and probiotic hot tea, so you can trust their probiotic tea. The lemon ginger flavor tastes and smells amazing, and it comes in individually wrapped bags which keeps the tea fresh and makes it easy to bring places. 

Nutrition: Calorie free, Sugar free, Caffeine free, Gluten free

For being the industry leader, I was surprised at how cheap Bigelow probiotic tea is, especially when compared with kombucha. Amazon sells Bigelow for only 13 cents a tea bag! Plus they’re prime eligible and have free shipping. You can find Bigelow on Amazon here.

2. Traditional Medicinas 

If you're a fan of mint teas, Traditional Medicinals Probiotic Tea is perfect for you. This tea contains BC30 which means it can improve digestive health. And, since it’s caffeine free you can drink it at night! 

Traditional Medicinas is also prime eligible and free shipping on Amazon, and comes in large packs to help you save money. You can check out Traditional Medicinas Probiotic Tea on Amazon here.

3. Republic of Tea 

Another great tea with BC30 probiotics is The Republic of Tea’s Probiotic Herbal Tea. This tea is a rooibos blend that includes flavors such as cinnamon, citrus, and vanilla. 

Nutrition: Calorie free, Sugar free, Gluten free, Carb free, Kosher

Republic of Tea Probiotic Tea is prime eligible and has free shipping, meaning you can get it for cheap and quickly on amazon. Plus it comes in a really cool looking tin! If you're interested, you can buy Republic of Tea on Amazon here.

4. Immunity

Another great probiotic tea, jammed packed with B vitamins, is made by VitaCup. This is a green tea with hints of peppermint, and even includes aloe vera.

Nutrition Facts: 70mg Caffeine, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free

Immunity sells a 14, 28, and 84 pack which makes it easy for you to get exactly as much as you need. You can find Immunity for the best price and with free shipping on Amazon here.

5. Calming Blends Tea and Probiotic

Calming Blends includes both a diverticulitis tea and probiotic capsules. Diverticulitis is a digestive tract inflammation, but anyone who wants to calm, soothe, or relieve stomach pain can drink this tea.

The probiotic capsules include over 6 different bacteria strains to assist in healthy digestion.

Nutrition: Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, Organic

Calming blends is also prime eligible and comes with free shipping on Amazon, and the price of $34 is really a bargain for tea and 60 capsules of probiotic supplement. If you want to buy a pack or just learn more, you can check Calming Blends out on Amazon here.

Final Thoughts

Hot probiotic tea can be really good for digestive health and serve as a convenient alternative to drinking kombucha.

Even if you’re a die hard classic booch drinker like me, I recommend you at least give probiotic tea a shot. It doesn’t have to completely replace kombucha in your diet, but could possibly serve as a cheaper and easier, yet still tasty way to get your daily dose of probiotics. 

If you want to learn more about kombucha, how it relates to your health, and even how to brew it yourself, check out the rest of my website!

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